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Theme title: The Blueprint theme
Theme developper: Crivex
Current theme version: 1.07

Updates Überschau

Version 1.07 - 14-09-2014
Modified: Blog pages on Iphone
Modified: Product page filters
Updated: Smoothscroll script

Version 1.06 - 17-08-2014
Added: European flags
Updated: ISOTOPE effects script
Modified: Check-out rendering

Version 1.05 - 21-07-2014
Modified: Deactivate the slider completely
Modified: Instructions on inserting responsive images

Version 1.04 - 07-07-2014
Modified: Discount rules after SEOshop update!
Modified: HTML/CSS update for one-step-checkout
Revised: Bugfix on add to chart button
Updated: HTML and CSS core update
Notice: One-page-checkout does not properly work for the moment.

Version 1.03 - 27-06-2014
Revised: The product page has been revised in order to insert delivery time of products
Revised: German translation updates f.e. "Startseite" instead of "Home"
Revised: Menu repositioning
Updated: Slider now works smoothly and properly on Mozilla Firefox
Modified: Minor bugfixes for mobile devices

Version 1.02 - 28-05-2014
Added: It's now possible to deactivate featured products on the homepage 
Added: German legislation, groundprices can now be inserted
Modified: Images on the product page are now properly rendered when hovering over
Modified: Zoomed images are now properly rendered when clicked
Modified: If only one currency is active, the currency token disappears in the header
Modified: Footer elements repositioned
Modified: Option fields are now better outlined on the product page
Modified: Very little larger title space for longer product titles on the homepage

Version 1.01 - 22-05-2014
Added: It's now possible to link a slide to an URL in the theme-options
Added: Page numbers when more than 24 products exists in a category
Added: Correct dimensions of the webshop logo
Added: Correct dimensions of the webshop article banners
Modified: Productisopopular snippet
Modified: Productisonewest snippet
Modified: Productisofeatured snippet
Modified: Productsall snippet
Modified: Facebook widget is de-activated in mobile mode due to responsive design problems
Updated: Theme documentation page
Updated: Extended Theme documentation in German translation
More: Many many bugfixes

Version 1.0 - 08-05-2014
First release of the Blueprint Premium Theme

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